Seventy two-year-old Arthur Webb has completed the grueling 135-mile Badwater Ultramarathon 14 official times. This footrace across Death Valley in 130 degree air and 200 degree pavement temperatures crosses two mountain ranges and finishes halfway up MT Whitney and is considered the most difficult running event in the world.
Badwater is an extreme test of mental, physical and emotional endurance and has challenged Arthur to overcome days of suffocating heat, severe dehydration, cramping, swollen blistered feet, nausea, sleep deprivation, hallucinations, sidewinders, scorpions, painful torn off toenails and more. Yet, he has finished every race.
Arthur understands that any successful venture, including Badwater, stems from a hard core work ethic and confident mind set that always honors lofty goals through total commitment, perseverance, discipline, a personal touch, focusing, flexibility, improvising, a no excuse, never quit attitude and much more. These principles play a major role for "getting the job done" while providing quality personal and social interaction, services and/or products.
Art at mile 42 :  It's 130 degrees
Arthur's Success Formula: Aim High, Commit and Finish

Death Valley Sand Dunes
Art runs by sand dunes
Badwater sign Art and Chris
Badwater pictures
Commit and finish
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